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N323-RHT-485-24V Temperature & RH Controller w/ RS-485, 24 V

N323-RHT-485-24V Temperature & RH Controller w/ RS-485, 24 V

The N323RHT is a digital controller for relative humidity and temperature. Its 3 relay outputs can be configured independently as control or alarm, either for temperature or relative humidity. A relative humidity and temperature or RHT probe (3 m cable length) is provided along with the instrument

The temperature, humidity and status of relays are shown on the LED Display.

Each relay output has configurable set point, hysteresis and action. Relays can trigger above or below setpoints, within or outside temperature ranges. On and off times are configurable.

Relay outputs can drive fans, compressors, pumps, heaters, humidifiers etc. to control the temperature and humidity.

The controller has an RS-485 port and communicates via Modbus RTU, allowing integration into building management or logging systems.

Applications include fruit storage, data centres and air conditioning.


  • RHT sensor probe with 3 metre cable included
  • Triple independent relay output
  • Bright, 3.5 digit LED display
  • Adjustable hystereses and configurable setpoint minimum and maximum limits
  • Configurable password protection
  • IP65 when installed in a panel
  • RS-485 Modbus communications
  • Heating, cooling, humidifying or drying modes, in band and out of band alarm modes
  • Initial blocking modes prevent alarms from activating until normal operation has commenced
  • Configurable delayed start allows reduction of inrush current when using multiple controllers powered up at once
  • Temporary activation mode to activate an output for a maximum fixed time.
  • Sequential activation mode toggles an output on and off for mixers or agitators


Sensor Probe:
Humidity measurement accuracy:±3% from 20% to 80%
Humidity stability:≤1 %RH / year
Humidity measurement range:0 to 100 % RH
Humidity linearity error:≤1 % RH
Long term humidity stability:≤1 % RH
Humidity response time:4 seconds (10 to 90 %)
Temperature measurement accuracy:±0.5 to ±2 °C depending on temperature
Temperature repeatability:±0.1 °C
Temperature measurement range:-20 to 100 °C
Cable length:3 metres
Warm-up:15 minutes
Temperature resolution:0.1º (–19.9º and 119.9º)
RH resolution:1%
OUTPUT1 Relay:SPDT, 16A / 250 VAC (1 HP)
OUTPUT2 Relay:SPST, 3A / 250 VAC
OUTPUT3 Relay:SPST, 5A / 250 VAC
Power:12 to 30 VAC/DC
Power consumption:5 VA
Serial Port:RS-485
Communication:Modbus RTU protocol
Physical and Environmental:
Dimensions:74 × 32 × 75 mm
Panel cut-out:70 × 29 mm
Weight:100 g
Operating temperature:0 to 40 °C
Storage temperature:-20 to 60 °C
Operating relative humidity:20 to 85 % non condensing
Case:Polycarbonate UL94 V-2
Ingress protection (front):IP65
Ingress protection (rear):IP42
Suitable wiring: Up to 4.0 mm²



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