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PSF21x, Programmable Flow Meter/Switch

PSF21x, Programmable Flow Meter/Switch

PSF21x is a programmable flow controller designed for use with low-viscose clear or translucent liquids, transmitting IR light. The operating principle is based on the liquid volume measurement through light-weight rotor, IR sensor, and sophisticated electronics for measurement and control. The material types used (PVDF, Vectra®, Viton®, EPDM, etc.) have a good thermal (up to 90 °C) resistance.

The PSF21x is equipped with a local 3-digit LED display and a hidden key for easy programming and flow monitoring.

This model has an NPN alarm output that activates when either of the programmable alarm limits is reached. PSF21x can be used as a flow meter, ON/OFF flow controller, or alarm unit suitable for water treatment and other applications.


Liquid type:Clear or translucent liquid transmitting IR light
Liquid viscosity:1 to 1000 CST
Flow range:0.5 to 20 l/min
Measurement Accuracy
Reproducibility max.:±0.30%
Alarm output:NPN
max. 100 mA @40 V
Alarm type:'window'
Alarm function:ON/OFF
Power supply
Supply voltage:18 to 30 VDC
Admissible variations:2 Vp-p at 50 Hz
Max Current Consumption: 200 mA

Manufacturer's Part No: PSF210-E.X.4PV

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