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USB-i485 Isolated USB to RS-422/RS-485 Converter

USB-i485 Isolated USB to RS-422/RS-485 Converter

One of our most popular products. The Novus USB-i485 module is a cost-effective way to convert RS-485 or RS-422 industrial buses to a USB interface. When connected to a PC USB port the USB-i485 module is automatically detected and is installed as a native serial port which is compatible with any existing serial communication application.

Multiple modules can be installed when using USB hubs thus allowing a hassle-free configuration of a multi serial system without any IRQ or DMA configuration.

1500 VDC isolation between the USB port and RS-485/RS-422 along with ±60 VDC and 15 kV ESD bus protection provides a robust and safe connection from the PC to equipment.

The USB-i485 converter can be configured for four-wire (Full Duplex) RS-422 and RS-485 or two-wire (Half Duplex) networks. When operating in two-wire RS-485 the data transfer control is automatically done by the converter.

Two independent and isolated RS-485 networks can be supported by one USB-i485 module thus duplicating the possible number of remote devices. Each RS-485 network can operate in an independent direction allowing for full duplex RS-485 connection.


  • USB V1.1 Plug and Play.
  • Appears as a serial (COM) port
  • Wide operating system support:
    • Supports Windows 98/ME/XP/2000/CE/Vista/7, 32 bit and 64 bit
    • Supports Mac OS 8.6 to OS X
    • Linux 2.4.20 or later.
  • Full Duplex RS-422, dual (combined) half duplex RS-485 or full duplex RS-485 interface
  • Jumper selected RS-485 / RS-422.
  • Automatic flow control for RS-485 Half Duplex.
  • 120 Ω internal resistors termination enabled by jumpers.
  • Data transmission and reception LED indicators
  • Powered from the USB port.
  • A 1.5 m cable with plugs mini-B and A is provided with the module.


Transmission rate:300 bps to 1 Mbps
Maximum RS-485/RS-422 cable length:1200 m
Max. Devices in the RS-485 network:Half Duplex: 2 x 32 devices
Full Duplex: 32 devices
Power Consumption:≤100 mA
Isolation (USB to serial interfaces):1500 VDC
RS-485/RS-433 Bus Protection:±60 VDC, 15 kV ESD
USB Connection:Mini-B
RS-485/RS-422 connector:Screw terminal for ≤1.5 mm² (≤16 AWG) wires.
Enclosure:70 × 60 × 18 mm ABS
Environmental:0 to 70 °C, 10 to 90% RH, non-condensing.


Download datasheet

Manual and Drivers come with the converter on a small CD, but can also be downloaded here.


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