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12 VDC Triangular LED Strip Light 1000 mm

12 VDC Triangular LED Strip Light 1000 mm

These strip lights with a triangular cross section use small LEDs to produce even illumination with low power consumption. The included low-profile mounting hardware allow mounting in corners for workspace illumination, bookcase lighting, architectural lighting or product showcases.

The strip has a triangular cross section and is easy to install in the corners of enclosures and cabinets using the push on clips provided.

A 12 VDC power adapter (not included) can be plugged into the light to power it meaning that an electrician is not needed to install it. The box includes a short male to male extender that allows easy connection of multiple strips into one long linear light and a flexible male to male lead that allows more complex shapes.

The linear lights are available in three lengths. These triangular strips are compatible with our dimmer, nighttime PIR sensor and 4-way splitter.


  • Energy saving up to 50% compared with traditional fluorescent under the same flux
  • Life span over 50,000 hours
  • Smaller size than a traditional fluorescent light
  • Available in cool white, neutral white, and warm white colour temperatures; Available in other colours
  • Available in three lengths: 300 mm, 500 mm and 1,000 mm
  • Easy daisy chaining of lights up to 36 watts per run
  • Easy installation
  • Low voltage makes the units safe to install without an electrician


Manufacturer Model:C04L3-12V-CW
Length:1000 mm
Number of LEDs:147
Voltage:12 VDC
Power Consumption:11 W
Radiance Angle:90 º
Colour Temperature:6000 K (cool white)
Luminous Flux:920 lm
LED current:180 mA



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