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DVP-20SX211T Programmable Logic Controller

DVP-20SX211T Programmable Logic Controller

The DVP-SX2 Series is Delta Electronics' second generation of slimline industrial PLCs. The DVP-20SX211T features built-in analog inputs, analog outputs, high speed counters and pulse outputs, a flexible serial port and expansion ports on both sides. Expansion modules can be mounted on the left (high speed expansion) or right (low speed general purpose modules) of the PLC without external wiring.

Two small potentiometers on the front of the unit can be read as an additional 2 analog inputs with 8-bit resolution. The DVP-20SX211T supports PID loops with automatic tuning for process control applications.

The programming software runs on Windows and is freely available for download.


Power:20.4 to 28.8 VDC
Digital Inputs:8 × 24 VDC sink or source¹
Digital Outputs:6 x NPN Open Collector Outputs
Output Rating:0.5 A each point
Analog Inputs:4 × ±10 VDC or ±20 mA (inc. 4 to 20 mA)
Analog Input Resolution:12 bit (5 mV / 10 µA)²
Analog Output:2 × ±10 VDC or ±20 mA (inc. 4 to 20 mA)
Analog Output Resolution:12 bit (5 mV / 10 µA)²
Communication Port:RS-232 and RS-485, Modbus ASCII/RTU master or slave
Program Capacity:16k steps
IO Points:Up to 230 via expansion modules
Software Up/Down Counters:Any input, up to 10 kHz on a single input
Software Quadrature Inputs:3 - X0/X2 (15 kHz), X4/X5 (5 kHz) and X6/X7 (5 kHz)
Hardware Up/Down Counters:2 - X0 and X2, both 100 kHz
Hardware Quadrature Inputs:2 - X0/X1 and X2/X3, both 10 kHz

Note 1: The digital inputs can be wired so all are NPN or all are PNP type inputs.

Note 2: Effectively ~11 bits in 4 to 20 mA mode


Used for PID temperature/humidity control, 2-axis AC motor drive constant speed control, temperature control using a analog signal monitoring of a whole factory. (PLC EASY LINK).


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