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TCW122B-CM - Ethernet Digital IO, Voltage, Temperature, Humidity Alarm and Control

The TCW122B-CM is a multifunctional device for remote monitoring and control over Ethernet. It has 2 digital inputs, 2 relay outputs 2 analogue inputs and can monitor up to 2 "1-wire" based temperature or humidity sensors.

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TCW122B-RR - Remote relay control across a LAN
Each TCW122B-RR is an Ethernet based I/O module that has two digital inputs and two relay outputs. Two units can be paired in order to seamlessly send digital IO data to the other paired device. Read more…
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TCW122B-WD IP watchdog monitoring module
TCW122B-WD is an IP watchdog monitoring module, specially designed for a failsafe monitor system. Read more…
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TCW181B-CM - Remote relay board
TCW181B-CM is 8-channel remote relay board, which is designed to work in Ethernet networks. The device is manageable by WEB interface, SNMP programs or user application over HTTP/XML API commands. Read more…
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TCW210-TH Temperature and humidity data logger
TCW210-TH is a temperature and humidity data logger with Ethernet interface for communication. Real-time data and charts of temperature, humidity and dew point can be monitored with a standard web browser Read more…
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TCW220 - Ethernet DAQ Unit with Datalogging and IO Expansion

TCW220 is an Ethernet data logger for general data acquisition applications. It has 2 analog inputs, with 10-bit resolution and 2 discrete inputs. It utilises 1-Wire interface for up to eight 1-Wire sensors.

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TCW241 Ethernet Digital IO, Voltage, Temperature, Humidity Alarm and Control
The TCW241 is an Ethernet control unit with 4 digital inputs, 4 relay outputs, 4 analogue inputs and a 1-Wire interface for up to 8 x 1-Wire sensors. Read more…
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TCW260 Energy monitoring module
TCW260 is an energy monitoring module which supports galvanic isolated digital inputs, analog inputs, and RS-485 interface and has Ethernet connectivity. Read more…
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TCW280 Analog and Digital output module
TCW280 is a MODBUS TCP/IP module with 2 analog voltage or current loop outputs, 4 open drain outputs with PWM and ON/OFF modes and 2 relays with normally open and normally closed contacts Read more…
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