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Room Temperature Thermostat

Room Temperature Thermostat

The RTC70.XX is used for 2-position control with on/off output for the control the temperature by means of an NTC sensor placed externally in the thermostat
The thermostat acquires the room temperature with its built-in sensor or floor sensor, and the heating contact will close when the room temperature falls below the selected setpoint.


 The thermostat is designed for the control of warm-water floor heating systems and direct electric heating systems. By placing a thermostat in each room and using them to control the heater or water flow to just that room, each room's temperature can be controlled separately.


  • LED indicator is lit when heating is on
  • Manual knob for easy operation
  • NTC thermistor sensor with 3m cable
  • On/off control


Rated Voltage: 230 VAC ±10%
Current Switching: 16 A
Power Consumption: 5 W
Setting Range: 5 to 40 °C
Hysteresis: +/-0.5 °C
Protective Housing: IP 20
Housing Material: Self extinguishing PC


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9 available

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