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Raw Water/Sewerage Float Switch 20M Cable

Raw Water/Sewerage Float Switch 20M Cable
Simple construction and reliable performance. A float switch is a great way to automatically turn any appliance such as a pump, on or off. A ball inside the tethered float switch simply changes position from top to bottom with the rising or falling motion it changes the floats angle, thus breaking or establishing the electrical circuit to turn the pump on or off This float switch can be used in raw water, sewerage, mild acid-base solutions, oils and situations requiring no pollution such as food and drinks. Operation voltage is 220V and current can be up to 10A. The float switch has 3 wires and features both a normally open and closed contact.

Brown wire: Common
Black wire: Normally Closed (Closed when hanging)
Blue wire: Normally Open (Closed when floating)

Rated Voltage: 250V
Rated Current: 8A
Max temperature: 70
Working pressure: Max 1bar
Mechanical Endurance:100,000 times
Electrical Endurance:50,000 times
Protection grade:IP68CS
Cable Length: 20meters
Float Dia: 9 cm
Float Len: 15 cm


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