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Dual-Beam Photoelectric Detector

Dual-Beam Photoelectric Detector

This dual-beam photo-electric sensor can be used to detect presence of an intruder to a premises by using a light transmitter, infrared in this case, and a photoelectric receiver.

The beams' arrangement consists of a receiver located within the line-of-sight of the transmitter. When an object is detected the light beam from the transmitter is blocked from getting to the receiver, resulting in an alarm signal being sent to the alarm system.


Power Supply: 13.8 to 24 VDC
11 to 18 VAC
Working current: 65 mA
Long-life mode: 35 mA
Outdoor Detection Distance:150 m
Indoor detection distance: 400 m
Number of beams:2
Response speed: 50 to ~700 m/s
Alarm output-normal: NC & NO contact rated to 30 VDC @ 0.5 mA
Environment Conditions
Temperature: -25℃ to ~65℃
Humidity: 5% to 95% (RH)
Tamper output: Normally close (NC) rated to 24 VDC @0.5 mA
Case material: Germany PC


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