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Arduino Thermocouple Multiplexer Shield

Arduino Thermocouple Multiplexer Shield

The KTA-259v4 Thermocouple Multiplexer Shield is designed to easily allow multiple high temperature readings with an Arduino control board. With the new version there is are multiple advantages over the old KTA-259, namely, wider temperature range, higher accuracy, higher resolution and ability to use more thermocouple types (dependent on model).

Screw terminals are provided for thermocouple connections as thermocouple wires can not be soldered.

Note: The v3 and later shields do not ship with Arduino headers, check the related products for suitable options. The board accepts both standard headers and R3 headers.


  • Automotive – Engine, Exhaust and Brake temperatures are higher than most temperature sensors can handle, but within the range of Thermocouples.
  • Ovens, Furnaces and Kilns – At temperatures where other temperature sensors will not operate.
  • Chemical Processes – Where corrosive chemicals may damage probes or reach high temperatures thermocouples are more readily available for such processes.
  • Multi-Zone Temperature Monitoring, Data Acquisition or Logging Systems– With cheap readily available thermocouples.


  • Add up to 8 Thermocouples to an Arduino
  • Cold Junction Compensated Output
  • K, J, N, S, T, E or R Type thermocouples supported dependent on model
  • 0.1” (2.54mm) Pitch Screw Terminals for Thermocouple connection
  • 14-bit 0.25°C Resolution
  • Nominal ±2°C Accuracy
  • Based on MAX31855 Cold-Junction Compensated Thermocouple-to-Digital Converter and ADG608 Multiplexer IC
  • 13 x 8 Prototyping Area with Analog and Power pins
  • Chip Select Pin Jumper Selectable means multi SPI shield compatibility
  • Combine with SD card shield for powerful Temperature Logging
  • Powered from 3.3V Arduino Pin, 5V compatible

Selection Guide:

Ocean Controls SKU / Part Number Thermocouple Type IC Measured Temperature Range Thermocouple Maximum Temperature Range [1]
KTA-259K K MAX31855K -200°C to +1350°C -270°C to +1372°C
KTA-259J J MAX31855J -40°C to +750°C -210°C to +1200°C
KTA-259N N MAX31855N -200°C to +1300°C -270°C to +1300°C
KTA-259S S MAX31855S +50°C to +1600°C +50°C to +1768°C
KTA-259T T MAX31855T -250°C to +400°C -270°C to +400°C
KTA-259E E MAX31855E -40°C to +900°C -270°C to +1000°C
KTA-259R R MAX31855R -50°C to +1770°C -50°C to +1768°C
KTA-259[2] K MAX6675 0 to +1024°C -270°C to +1372°C
KTB-259[2] K MAX6674 0 to +128°C -270°C to +1372°C

[1] This is the range of temperatures that a thermocouple of this type can measure, the Measured Temperature Range is the actual range the KTA-259 can digitise.

[2] KTA-259 and KTB-259 are discontinued and only available while stock remains and included for reference only.




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