Step Pulser

Step Pulser

The Ocean Controls KTA-276 Step Pulser is a small circuit board designed to provide step and direction signals to two stepper motor drivers. The speed of both of the motors is controlled by a single potentiometer which is adjustable in the range 70 Hz to 4.8 kHz. When any of the buttons are pressed the associated motor will turn in the correct direction at the speed defined by the potentiometer.

Please note we have redesigned the board with all surface mount components. If you want a different stepping rate from 70Hz to 4.8KHz contact us and we will advise as to what resistor-capacitor combination can be used.

  • Control Speed and Direction of 2 Stepper Motors
  • On Board Buttons for Motor Run and Direction
  • On Board Mini Joystick for Motor Run and Direction
  • External Switch Inputs for Buttons or Joystick
  • On Board Potentiometer for Speed Control
  • Useful for Pan and Tilt Controller or XY Table Jog Controller
  • Output between 70 Hz and 4.8 kHz
  • Requires Step and Direction input Stepper Motor Driver for each Stepper Motor

Output signals are 5V at a maximum of 20mA, suitable for stepper motor drivers with opto-coupler inputs.



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