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Isolated RS-485 Shield

Isolated RS-485 Shield

RS-485 is a serial communication interface commonly used in industrial equipment, HVAC, building automation, inverters, lighting controllers, and control systems. Often these networks can run long distances and devices can be at different ground potentials. Sometimes the equipment you're connecting to deals with dangerous voltages. If that voltage gets back into your Arduino, you're going to have a bad day.

The solution: a fully isolated RS-485 shield!

This shield uses optocouplers and a DC-DC converter to ensure dangerous voltages, potential differences and noise doesn't make it into the rest of your circuit.

Special timing circuitry automatically takes care of the RS-485 direction control for plug-and-play operation. Solder jumpers on the board allow you to set the timing to suit your baud rate.


  • Connects your Arduino Uno or Arduino Mega to an RS-485 network
  • Isolation protects your device and you
  • True fail-safe RS-485 transceiver copes with common network configuration problems
  • Driven or automatically generated transmission direction control
  • Suits 3.3V and 5V Arduinos
  • Open Source Hardware

Please note: This shield comes as pictured, without pins loaded. Check the related items for stackable shield headers.



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Out of stock - backorder allowed

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