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Programmable Stepper Pulser

Programmable Stepper Pulser

The Ocean Controls KTA-301 Programmable Stepper Pulser is a small circuit board designed to provide step and direction signals to one stepper motor driver. The KTA-301 provides two operation modes: unidirectional or bidirectional; providing speed control in one or both directions using a single potentiometer or analog signal. A second potentiometer or analog signal is used to set the acceleration and deceleration rate (can be set to zero – no acceleration).

  • Control speed, direction and acceleration/deceleration of one stepper motor
  • Unidirectional and Bidirectional modes
  • Output between 0 to 50kHz
  • Input for two potentiometers, two analog 0-5V or 0-10V signals, or two 4-20mA signals to control speed and acceleration/deceleration
  • On board buttons to set mode, speed range and acceleration/deceleration rate
  • Requires step and direction input stepper motor driver for the stepper motor

Potentiometer not included, see HER-300 for a 22mm industrial type

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