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GNSS Modbus Gateway

GNSS Modbus Gateway

The KTA-391 is a Modbus GNSS receiver. Extremely accurate time, position, altitude and velocity data is made available for any Modbus Master (PLC, RTU, SCADA system, etc) to interrogate.

Magnetic mount active GNSS antenna (3m cable) included.


  • UTC Date and Time
  • Latitude and Longitude 
  • Altitude
  • Velocity
  • Course over ground (direction)
  • Number of satellites in use
  • Fast update rate: 10Hz (default) to maximum of 18Hz
  • Accuracy of returned data
  • Power Supply: 6-36VDC 0.4W
  • Modbus Baud Rate: 2400 - 115200 bps
  • Dimensions: 85H X 81D X 25W mm
  • DIN-Rail Mount Enclosure
  • Typical Applications:

  • Provide accurate timestamps to a SCADA system for logging
  • Synchronise logging operations across timezones
  • Location mapping and geotagging
  • Altitude readouts for weather observations
  • Precise speed readouts for vehicular sports/activities
  • Direction data for orienteering or navigation
  • The KTA-391 acts as a Modbus slave over RS-485. All data is available as Modbus holding registers. Two open collector outputs are provided; one gives a pulsed output to synchronise the clock with external equipment, the other indicates a reliable position fix. A status LED is also provided to show lock status. Modbus comms settings can be altered via RS-485 or USB. A PC application is provided as a free download for data analysis and troubleshooting.

    The KTA-391 can also act as a Serial Gateway for the NEO-M8 GNSS receiver module. The receiver can then be accessed, evaluate and configured using Ublox's U-center software. 


  • User Manual (v1.02)
  • Holding Registers Map v1.02 (html format)
  • KTA-391 Software Setup Guide
  • KTA-391 Application v1.02 (ZIP file)
  • U-blox's U-center software
  • Support:

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