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GNSS Modbus Gateway

GNSS Modbus Gateway

The KTA-391 is a Modbus GNSS receiver. Extremely accurate time, position, altitude and velocity data is made available for any Modbus Master (PLC, RTU, SCADA system, etc) to interrogate.

Magnetic mount active GPS+GLONASS antenna (3m cable) included.


  • UTC Date and Time
  • Latitude and Longitude 
  • Altitude (operational limit 50,000m)
  • Velocity (operational limit 500m/s)
  • Course over ground (direction)
  • Number of satellites in use
  • Fast update rate: 10Hz (default) to maximum of 18Hz
  • Accuracy of returned data
  • Power Supply: 6-36VDC 0.4W
  • Modbus Baud Rate: 2400 - 115200 bps
  • Dimensions: 85H X 81D X 25W mm
  • DIN-Rail Mount Enclosure
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C - 85°C


Typical Applications:

  • Provide accurate timestamps to a SCADA system for logging
  • Synchronise logging operations across timezones
  • Location mapping and geotagging
  • Altitude readouts for weather observations
  • Precise speed readouts for vehicular sports/activities
  • Direction data for orienteering or navigation

The KTA-391 acts as a Modbus slave over RS-485. All data is available as Modbus holding registers. Two open collector outputs are provided; one gives a pulsed output to synchronise the clock with external equipment, the other indicates a reliable position fix. A status LED is also provided to show lock status. Modbus comms settings can be altered via RS-485 or USB. A PC application is provided as a free download for data analysis and troubleshooting.

The KTA-391 can also act as a Serial Gateway for the NEO-M8 GNSS receiver module. The receiver can then be accessed, evaluate and configured using Ublox's U-center software. 





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