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Dual Gain Instrumentation Amplifier

Dual Gain Instrumentation Amplifier

A dual gain instrumentation amplifier from Electronic Innovations Corp provides 2 high-impedance differential inputs. Operates from a single 5 V supply and provides a ±15 V supply and a 4.096 V reference. The reference voltage is provided for connection to a bridge or other device requiring excitation. The maximum allowable current draw from this source is 5 mA.

The gain of the module can be programmed via the LabJack by connecting the gain select inputs GSA1, GSA2, GSB1 and GSB2 to the Labjack digital outputs, see "Gain Configuration Table" below. Combinations of gain can be selected, for example one amplifier can have a gain of 10 and the other have a gain of 100.

Analog input range is ±10 V. Typical current requirement is about 80 mA @ 5 V, allowing the EI-1040 to be powered from a +5 V terminal on the LabJack U12.

Applications for this device includes signal conditioning and amplification of low-level signals such as thermocouples and transducers. It can also be used in conditioning signals to be transmitted over a long distance to single ended receivers.


Gain Configuration Table:

GSA1 or B1GSA2 or B2

Functional Diagram:

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