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Stainless Steel Temperature Probe

Stainless Steel Temperature Probe

The EI-1034 is intended to be connected to a LabJack for 5 V power but can be used as a stand-alone temperature sensor when connected to a voltage measuring device and a power supply in the range of 5 to 30 volts.

It uses the highest grade available of the LM34 sensor from National Semiconductor with a typical room temperature accuracy of ±0.4 °F or ±0.25 °C.

The sensor is mounted in a stainless steel sheath and features a high-level linear output of 10 mV per °F and has an operating temperature range of 0 to +300 °F (-17 to +150 °C with U3/UE9 or -12 °C to 150 °C with U12).

The probe is suitable for air and liquid applications, and can be conveniently secured into pipes, vessels and chambers by using available ¼ inch compression fittings.

Please note the cable is only rated for -20 to 80 °C and can be used up to 100 °C.

Note: When operating at voltages less than 5 Volts the maximum operating temperature is reduced, typically at 4 Volts supply the maximum temperature limit is 200 °F


Output to LabJack or Meter:10 mV per °F
Accuracy:±0.4°F Typical Room Temperature
±1°F Max Room Temperature
±2°F Max 0°F to 230°F
±3°F Max -40°F to 0°F
±1°F Typical -50 °F to 300 °F
Sensor device in probe: LM34CAZ
Cable length: 6 ft supplied max 25 ft user extended
Probe length: 6 in
Power: +4 to 35 VDC @ 90 uA
Output Current: 10 mA


Extending Low Temperature Range Diagram

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