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RB12 - LabJack U3/U6/U9/T7 Relay Board

RB12 - LabJack U3/U6/U9/T7 Relay Board

The RB12 provides a versatile method for electricians, engineers, and other qualified individuals, to interface a PC with high voltages/currents. It is designed to accept G4 series digital I/O modules from Opto22, and compatible modules from other manufacturers such as the G5 series from Grayhill. No modules are included, please see the Document section below for links.

A row of screw terminals provides the interface to the high level isolated signals. These can be either 120/240-volt AC signals or 3 to 60 volt DC signals. The DB15 connector provides the interface to standard logic level signals (+5 volt levels).

The RB-12 was designed to be pin compatible with the LabJack U3/U6/U9/T7, which is a USB-based multifunction data acquisition and control device. The RB12 does not require a cable or power supply, and does not ship with a cable or power supply. Not compatible with the U12. Includes screwdriver.

Please Note:The card doesn't come with I/O modules loaded and it is shipped as pictured. It is a bare PCB that will accept either 12 miniature style relays or 6 standard size relays. Please see the Document section below, for a list of suppliers to where you can get these modules from at your convenience


Figure 1.1: RB16 Dimension Sketch

List of suppliers for the suitable I/O modules

Please note that for the Opto22/Grayhill branded I/O modules you are not limited to just Digikey/Opto22, your other options include: Allied Electronics & Element14


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