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LJTick-Level Shifter

LJTick-Level Shifter

The LJTick-Divider (LJTD) is a signal-conditioning module designed to divide 2 single-ended channels of higher voltage analog signals down to 0-2.5 volt signals. They have ±10 volt inputs (BIP10V). The 4-pin design plugs into the standard AIN/AIN/GND/VS screw terminal block found on newer LabJacks such as the U3, U6, and UE9. The use of large resistors and a precision op-amp buffer provide an input impedance of 1 MΩ. By adding or replacing resistors, many other configurations are possible.


VINA/VINB: These screw terminals are for the 2 single-ended channels of input analog voltages. The input to either of these is ±10 volts, and the module produces 0 to 2.5 volts on the respective OUT pin.

GND: Same as LabJack ground. VINA/VINB must be referred to this ground.

VREF: A 2.5 volt reference voltage output. Internally this reference is used for level shifting, but very little current is used, leaving substantial current available to the user if a very accurate 2.5 volt reference is needed.


Datasheet on the LabJack website

PS12DC Dimension:


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