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Easemind UMT8-HV-3G SMS Controller and Datalogger

Easemind UMT8-HV-3G SMS Controller and Datalogger
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With the GSM system in Australia being closed down by Telstra and Optus, customers have been asking us for a 3G SMS alarm unit. The UMT8-HV-3G is the latest offering from EaseMind. It is a 3G SMS Alarm unit, Data logger and controller with a storage capacity of up to 35000 records into 4MB internal memory. Memory is expandable to 32GB with SD card. Powered from 10~15VDC it has a rechargeable internal battery.

UMT8-HV is dedicatedly designed for temperature & humidity measurement supporting max. 8 x temperature channels, 1 x humidity channel and 6 x analog channels There are also 4 digital alarm inputs 2 of which can be used as pulse inputs and 4 relay outputs.

The UMT8 has a USB port to allow easy configuration by a PC using the free configuration software that comes with the unit. SMS alarm messages can be easily configured to be generated on high and low levels on analog inputs, open and closing inputs connected to digital inputs, power failure and restoration to the UMT8 device. With your smartphone you can switch on and off the 4 relays to operate pumps, solenoids or other devices.

Download Example Setup Guide

Download Quick Start Guide

UMT8 Hardware User Manual

UMT8 Software

Extra Info

Software Key: EVE-MEL-EBE-CEU


(1) Setup Software
Free and User-Friendly Setup Software for Windows provides a user-friendly graphics interface of configuring the Smart Data Logger. It allows user to save, export and import the configuration file.

Features Include

  • 11 analog channels
    - 8 x digital temperature sensors
    - 1 x digital humidity sensors
    - 6 x analog sensors e.g. pressure or level sensor
  • 4 digital alarm inputs
  • 2 pulse inputs
  • 4 relay outputs
  • 1 x USB port for local setup
  • Supoort local and remote setup via SMS
  • Power loss/resume alarm
  • Programmable SMS Upload Interval (1min~1day)
  • Supports Data & Alarm SMS on schedule, triggered by alarm, or manual check
  • 4MB internal memory (~35000 records)
  • Expandable Memory SD card slot
  • Programmable Data Logging Interval (1~60minutes)
  • Each channel is programmable with two alerts high/low levels
  • User Programmable SMS Alarm Text
  • Relay Control triggered by alarm or manual
  • Enclosure Metal Casing: 165 x 130 x 30mm


  • Security Alarm System applications
  • Supervision and monitoring alarm systems
  • Automatic monitoring system
  • Pumping Stations
  • Buildings and Real Estate
  • Weather Stations
  • River Monitoring and Flood Control
  • Oil and gas pipelines
  • Corrosion protection
  • Valve controls
  • Wellheads
  • Energy saving,street lights control system
  • Tanks, levels, temperatures,water leakage applications
  • Transformer stations
  • Unmanned machine rooms;
  • Control room application


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