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LogBox DA 64K Readings IP65

LogBox DA 64K Readings IP65

LogBox-DA is an electronic data logger with two input channels, one analog and one digital. Input data is stored in the logger internal memory, for later download to a PC for visualization and analysis in the form of tables or graphs. The data is easily exported to spreadsheets. The LogChart-II is the software used to configure the logger, download and visualize data. The logger configuration allows defining the logger operation mode, including programming the start/stop time of data acquisition. Other parameters such as signal input type, logging interval, multiplication factor, scale range, etc, are easily selected through the LogChart-II software.

The user can also select special mathematical functions to be active. This allows flow totals or other total values to be logged

The LogBox-DA also provides a signal for commanding an external power supply (battery) of a device connected to the logger. This feature allows that external devices, such as a transmitter, be powered only during the measurement sample time, thus extending the autonomy of these external batteries.


  • Channel 1: NPN, PNP, Pulse or Dry Contact
    • Max. frequency: 4000 Hz or 20 Hz
    • Maximum counting: 65,535 per period.
  • Channel 2: 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-50mV and 0-10Vdc
  • Memory capacity: 64k readings If 2 channels are configured each channel has 16K readings. If 1 channels is configured it has the total memory of 32K readings
  • Interval between readings: 1 second to 18 hours
  • External battery switch time: 0 to 10 s
  • Power: Internal 3.6V lithium battery (1/2 AA)
  • Estimated autonomy: Over 2000 days (one daily download)
  • Working temperature: From –40°C to 70°C.
  • Protection: IP65
  • Material: ABC + PC case, Polycarbonate film;
  • Dimensions: 60x70x35mm

Battery Switch

The LogBox has an external battery switch which automatically switches on external power to sensors when taking a reading, then switches power off again, thus extending external sensor battery life.

Configuration of LogBox

    The LogBox is configured using the included LogChart software. Data is transmitted to the LogBox through an Infrared wand connected to the PC's RS232 port. The Parameter Configuration window in LogChart lets you configure the following parameters:
  • Logging session Title
  • Channel Names and input type
  • Scale Low and High Limits
  • Engineering units
  • start log options - immediately or timed
  • og rate
  • logging options - stop when full or roll-over

After the logging session is complete, data can then be downloaded again by LogChart II and displayed in table and chart formats. Data files can then be saved as ASCII text files for importation into common Spreadsheets



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