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LogBox DA IP67 64K Readings

LogBox DA IP67 64K Readings

LogBox-DA is an electronic data logger with two input channels, one analog and one digital. Input data is stored in the logger internal memory, for later download to a PC for visualisation and analysis in the form of tables or graphs. The data is easily exported to spreadsheets. The internal replaceable battery has a typical life of about 200 days (5 minute logging period and daily download of data).

Analog Input:   Digital Input:
0 to 20 mA
4 to 20 mA
0 to 50 mV
Dry contact
0 to 10 V
4 kHz max
Instant / Avg / Min / Max Modes
20 Hz debounced mode
64,000 records space shared by both channels
Power and lifetime:
Replaceable 3 V, ½AA Lithium battery, ~200 days life normal use

The data is downloaded from the unit with an infrared wand (sold separately) by a Windows computer with the LogChart-II software. The software is used to configure the logger, download and visualise data. The data can be viewed in the software (including the viewing of live data) and exported as a spreadsheet.

The user can also select special mathematical functions to be active. This allows flow totals or other total values to be logged

The LogBox-DA also provides a signal for commanding an external power supply (battery) of a device connected to the logger. This feature allows external devices, such as a sensor, to be powered only during the measurement sample time, thus extending the life of battery powered systems.


  • Analog Input: 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 50 mV and 0 to 10 Vdc,
  • Digital Input: NPN, PNP, Pulse or Dry Contact
    • Max. frequency: 4000 Hz or 20 Hz
    • Maximum counting: 65,535 per period.
  • Memory capacity: 64,000 total readings. If 2 channels are configured each channel has 32K readings.
  • Interval between readings: 1 second to 18 hours
  • External battery switch time: 0 to 10 s
  • Power: Internal 3.6 V lithium battery (1/2 AA)
  • Estimated battery life: Over 2000 days (one daily download)
  • Working temperature: From -40 to 70 °C.
  • Protection: IP67
  • Material: ABC + PC case, Polycarbonate film;
  • Dimensions: 60x70x35mm:



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