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CB15 - LabJack Terminal Board SKU: LAJ-014
Provides convenient screw terminal access to 12 digital I/O available on a DB15 connector. Read more…
$55.00 + GST
4 available
CB25 - Labjack Terminal Board for Digital I/O SKU: LAJ-002
Screw terminal connections, with short-circuit and overvoltage protection, for the extra 16 digital I/O on the LabJack U12. Read more…
$69.00 + GST
7 available
CB37 - LabJack UE9 Terminal Board SKU: LAJ-012
Plugs directly into the bottom of a LabJack U6 or UE9 to give screw terminal access to extra IO signals. Read more…
$69.00 + GST
1 available
Digital Temperature/Humidity Probe SKU: LAJ-005
Two calibrated microsensors with serial digital output, which results in superior signal quality, a fast response time and insensitivity to external disturbances. Operating temperature range of -40 °C to 120 °C Read more…
$105.00 + GST
Out of stock - backorder allowed
Dual Gain Instrumentation Amplifier SKU: LAJ-004
Selectable digital gain at values of 1, 10, 100 and 1000. Four TTL or CMOS-compatible address lines individually selects the amplifier gains. Read more…
$159.00 + GST
1 available
EB37 - LabJack Experiment Board SKU: LAJ-013
Connects to the LabJack UE9's DB37 connector, providing convenient screw terminal access. Also provided is a solderless breaboard and useful power supplies. Read more…
$149.00 + GST
2 available
LabJack Thermocouple Multiplexer SKU: KTA-260K
The KTA-260 series of devices has been created to easily allow a LabJack UD (U3/U6/UE9) data acquisition unit to read temperatures from multiple thermocouples. Read more…
Price depends on options selected
2 available
LJDac - Digital to Analog Converter (LJDAC) SKU: LAJ-035
LJDAC is an analog output expansion module that provides a pair of 14-bit analog outputs with a range of ±10 V. Read more…
$112.50 + GST
6 available
LJTick-CurrentShunt SKU: LAJ-034
A signal conditioning module designed to convert two 4 to 20 mA current loop signals into voltage signals that vary from 0.472 to 2.360 V. Read more…
$59.95 + GST
3 available
LJTick-Divider (LJTD) SKU: LAJ-030
A signal conditioning module that divides 2 single-ended unipolar channels of  0 to 10 V analog signals down to 0 to 2.5 V signals. Read more…
$41.50 + GST
2 available
LJTick-InAmp SKU: LAJ-031
Plugs directly into the standard screw terminal block found on newer U3/U6/UE9. On board switch allows 5 various gain settings, one of them being custom. Read more…
$74.00 + GST
2 available
LJTick-Level Shifter SKU: LAJ-036
LJTick module that will convert two ±10 V signals to 0 to 2.5 V signals for LabJack U3s, U6s and UE9s Read more…
$41.50 + GST
3 available
LJTick-Proto SKU: LAJ-033
8×8 grid of holes for prototyping custom signal-conditioning ticks. Read more…
$21.50 + GST
4 available
LJTick-RelayDriver (LJTRD) SKU: LAJ-032
Allows 2 digital I/O lines on a U3, U6 and UE9 to each control a relay or other moderate load. Each has a switch to ground (i.e open-collector) that can hold off up to 50 V and can sink up to 200 mA. Read more…
$24.00 + GST
8 available
Mux80 AIN Expansion Board SKU: LAJ-017
80 channel analog multiplexor for U6 and UE9 Labjack data acquisition modules.
Read more…
$169.00 + GST
1 available
PS12DC Power Switching Board SKU: LAJ-039
12 channel, semiconductor switch output module designed for Labjack U3, U6 and UE9 data acquisition modules. 750 mA per channel at 5 to 28 VDC. Read more…
$89.95 + GST
2 available
RB16 - LabJack U12 Relay Board SKU: LAJ-016
Plugs directly into the bottom of a LabJack - U12 via the DB25 connector. The card doesn't come with relays loaded, it is a bare PCB that will accept either 16 miniature style relays or 8 standard size relays. Read more…
$112.50 + GST
1 available
Stainless Steel Temperature Probe SKU: LAJ-006
High-level linear voltage output and high accuracy. Operating temperature range from 0 to +300 °F Read more…
$82.50 + GST
5 available
Temperature Probe -40 to 100 ºC SKU: LAJ-003
Temperature sensor mounted in a plastic tube with a current limiting resistor. The probe is suitable for air, surface and non-corrosive liquids. Read more…
$51.95 + GST
5 available
3ft DC-37 M/F Serial Cable SKU: LAJ-018
Short, 37 pin cable suits the expansion plug on the LabJack U6, U6-Pro, UE9 and UE9-Pro. Read more…
$15.00 + GST
2 available