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EasyUSB Data Storage Device SKU: LOG-600
The EasyUSB gives your microcontroller access to 2MB of memory that can be seen as a mass storage device in most operating systems. Read more…
$40.25 $34.44 + GST
4 available
Enclosure and carrier board for Logomatic V2 Serial Data Logger SKU: KTB-265
Enclosure, carrier board and battery for Logomatic V2 Serial Data Logger. This kit allows the Logomatic to be DIN-rail or panel mounted and has jumper-selectable current shunts for each input. Read more…
$59.95 + GST
Built as they are ordered
Jumper Wire - JST Black Red SKU: LOG-503
Jumper Wire - JST Black Red Read more…
$1.73 + GST
3 available
Jumper Wire - JST to Molex SKU: LOG-502
Jumper Wire - JST to Molex Read more…
$2.59 + GST
8 available
Logomatic V2 Serial Data Loggers SKU: GPS-101
Economical logger accepts up to eight 0 to 3.3 VDC analog voltage signals and serial data and stores it on an SD card. Mounts as USB mass storage and charges a LiPo battery. Read more…
$86.25 + GST
6 available
OpenLog Serial Logger SKU: LOG-501
Tiny TTL serial data to micro SD card logger. 2400 to 115200bps. Runs from 3.3 to 12 V. Read more…
$31.05 + GST
2 available
Ulog – The Lil'est Logger SKU: LOG-020
Seriously tiny 3 channel 0 to 3.3 VDC voltage logger designed to log accelerometer data on model rockets. Data can be read out via the TTL serial port on the board. LiPo battery connector for power. Read more…
$27.52 + GST
5 available