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Bipolar Stepper Motor FL42STH47-1684B

Bipolar Stepper Motor FL42STH47-1684B
MOT-121 showing face and front shaft MOT-121 from above

Industrial grade small stepper motor, ideal for small CNC projects and robots. Has a holding torque of 4.4 kg·cm (43.1 N·cm or 61 oz·in). 5 mm diameter round shaft at both ends. This motor suits 3D printers like the RepRap and Makerbot cupcake machines.

This NEMA 17 frame motor is 42 mm square on the face, with four M3 tapped holes. The mounting holes are 31 mm from centre to centre square. To drive this motor we recommend the DM422 (SMC-010), DM432 (SMC-008) or our MX3660 (SMC-040).


Step angle1.8 °
Step angle accuracy±5%
Temperature rise (max)80 °C
Ambient temperature-20 to 50 °C
Insulation Resistance (at 500 VDC)≥100 MΩ
Dielectric strength (1 min.)500 VAC
Shaft radial play (450 g load)≤0.02 mm
Shaft axial play (450 g load)≤0.08 mm
Max. radial force (20 mm from flange)28 N
Max. axial force10 N
Current per phase1.68 A
Resistance per phase (± 10%)1.65 Ω
Coil voltage (continuous)2.8 V
Inductance per phase (± 20%)2.8 mH
Holding torque4.4 kg.cm
Number of leads4
Rotor inertia68 g.cm2
Weight350 g
Detent torque200 g.cm
Body Length48 mm
Front shaft length24 mm
Rear shaft length10 mm



Speed-torque Curve:


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