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Bipolar Stepper Motor FL86STH80-5504A

Bipolar Stepper Motor FL86STH80-5504A

Industrial grade stepper motor, ideal for driving heavier loads. Has a holding torque of 46 kg.cm (4.51 Nm or 638 oz-in). Shaft is 12.7 mm in diameter with a flat.

This NEMA 34 frame motor is 86 mm square on the face, with four 5.5 mm diameter untapped holes. The mounting holes are 69.5 mm from centre to centre along a side.


Step angle1.8 °
Step angle accuracy±5%
Temperature rise (max)80 °C
Ambient temperature-20 to 50 °C
Insulation Resistance (at 500 VDC)≥100 MΩ
Dielectric strength (1 sec., 3 mA)820 VAC
Shaft radial play (450 g load)≤0.02 mm
Shaft axial play (450 g load)≤0.08 mm
Max. radial force (20 mm from flange)220 N
Max. axial force60 N
Current per phase5.5 A
Resistance per phase (± 10%)0.46 Ω
Coil voltage (continuous)2.53 V
Inductance per phase (± 20%)4 mH
Holding torque46 kg.cm
Number of leads4
Rotor inertia1400 g.cm2
Weight2.3 kg
Detent torque1.2 kg.cm
Body Length80 mm
Shaft length31.75 mm




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6 available

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