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DCM50202A-1000 DC Servo Motor with 1000 Line Encoder, 50 W

DCM50202A-1000 DC Servo Motor with 1000 Line Encoder, 50 W

The Leadshine DCM5xxxx series motors are permanent magnet DC brush servo motors. The motors are ideal for high speed industrial or research applications. They include an attached encoder which provides position feedback to controllers.

These motors are suitable for a wide range of equipment and instruments such as engraving machines, cutting machines, jet-ink machines, experimental installations, instructional machines, imager, analytic instruments, electronic packaging equipments and loading and unloading devices, medical instruments, etc.

Skewed rotor design and high quality bearings result in a low noise, smooth-running motor with long service life.


  • High performance (Smooth operation, High precision and Low noise)
  • Low cost brushed DC motor with replaceable brushes
  • Skewed Rotor design dramatically reduces cogging
  • 1000 line quadrature encoder with differential outputs for noise immunity
  • Positional error can be eliminated to one pulse with matched controller
  • Mounting dimensions of DCM57xxx brush servo motors are the same as those of NEMA 23 size motors


Continuous Torque (Max)TC0.15N·m
Peak Torque (Stall)TPK0.76N·m
No-load SpeedSNL4600±10%RPM
Rated SpeedSR3500RPM
Rotor InertiaJM1.62×10-5kg·m2
Maximum Winding TemperatureθMAX155°C
Thermal ImpedanceRTH9.00°C/watt
Motor Weight (Plus encoder)WM694g
Motor Length (Plus encoder)L1129±2mm
Rated VoltageE24V
Rated CurrentI1.79A
Torque ConstantKT48×10-3N·m/A
No-Load CurrentINL0.45A
Peak Current (Stall)IP13.9A
Encoder Specification 1000Lines/rev



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