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LogBox Connect WiFi

LogBox Connect WiFi

LogBox Wi-Fi is an IoT device with integrated data logger and Wi-Fi connectivity. It has three universal analog sensors and one digital. The analog channels accept direct connection of thermocouple temperature sensors or Pt100 and sensors for any other quantities with signals in current or voltage. The digital channel could either record events with time stamp, such as opening a door or counting pulses from a flow sensor.

LogBox Wi-Fi is ideal for monitoring multiple rooms in buildings such as hospitals and industrial refrigerated food plants with multiple points being monitored and logged, all connected to the Wi-Fi network of the facilities.

LogBox Wi-Fi has MQTT protocol to publish data into IoT brokers, Cloud or SCADA system, as well as Modbus TCP protocol to operate as slave into SCADA systems. The device provides uninterrupted recording of data, even in failures of power supply or wireless link, due to its 2-year autonomy backup battery.

New Version of LogBox WiFi:

A new version of the LogBox WiFi has been released with the following improvements:
  • It sends email alarms to different email addresses;
  • Up to 10 alarms with logic, channel comparison or set point;
  • Data upload to NOVUS Cloud;
  • MQTTS protocol (with security) allowing data upload to different Cloud platforms (such as AWS).

NXperience PC Software:

NXperience software is the main tool for configuration and data download of LogBox Connect. All parameters and features can be adjusted through LogBox USB or WiFi interface, turning NXperience into a powerful tool for data analisys, graphical view, creation of mathematical formulas and report issuance. Nxperience can download data from several LogBoxes and transfer the data to the NOVUS Cloud free of charge. It is also possible to generate reports in .pdf and .xls formats.

Features Include:

  • 3 universal analog input channels:
    • Thermocouples J,K,T,N,E,R,S,B
    • Pt100, 0-50mV, 0-5V, 0-10V
    • 0-20mA, 4-20mA
    • 15 bit resolution
  • Function of Digital Input
    • Counts Pulses, Records Events or
    • Starts Logger
  • Function of Digital Output
    • 1 PNP Output (Electronic Switch or Alarm)
    • Starts Logger
  • Internal Sensors
    • NTC for temperature
    • Battery Voltage
    • External Power Supply
  • Display: 3 lines with 4½ digits
  • Memory Capability: 140000 records
  • Record Interval: 1 sec to 18h
  • Variable Record:Instantaneous or average
  • Acquisition Trigger: Date/Hour, Start button, Digital Input or by Software
  • Alarms: 8 Alarms (two per channel) Low and High
  • Internal Buzzer: Yes
  • Communication Interface: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and USB
  • Configuration Software: NXperience (PC USB), LogChart-BLE (smartphone)
  • Power Supply: 10-30Vdc and/or 4 AA alkaline batteries
  • Battery Autonomy: Typical 2 years
  • Dimensions: 120 x 100 x 40 mm



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