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Free Novus Cloud Service

Free Novus Cloud Service

NOVUS Cloud is a platform focused on solutions for the Internet of Things that extends the horizons of data presentation. Applied in conjunction with products from NOVUS, this platform receives, stores, analyses and presents on the Internet measurements of temperature, humidity, pressure, location and any other quantity of interest.

Physical quantity measurements can be obtained by any MODBUS equipment connected to a FieldLogger that will then send this data to the NOVUS Cloud. Also data from the Logbox BLE, 3G and WiFi and TagTemp dataloggers can be sent to the cloud.

The platform is secure, scalable and has a rapid development environment suitable even for people without programming experience. The cloud applications are completely customisable. It is possible to create various dashboards with widgets to display data, configure alarms and events, send notifications via email and configure scripts to process data.

Free Standard Plan

Go to https://iot.novusautomation.com/login

If the customer is new he needs to create a new account at “Sign up now!”. The page will then display the available plan. At the moment, only the Free Standard plan is available. It allows:

  • One Public or private dashboard
  • 100 devices per account
  • No e-mail nor SMS alerts
  • Only one user type manager.

Novus Cloud related questions:

What is the cost: There are no costs, the service is totally free of charge

How long will the data stay on the cloud: Data is available there for as long as the account is valid, there are no “periodic cleaning” processes. This is a complicated question and I usually reply with another question: “How long do you need the data for?”. If the data is really important we advise that the user exports their data out of the cloud every year or so, but basically it will be there for as long as we are here.

Future Features:

Novus Automation is currently producing new paid plans with the following features

  • Compatible with Airgate 3G, Logbox BLE,Logbox 3G, Logbox WiFi, Fieldlogger and Tagtemp hardware
  • Can get data from any Modbus device
  • Email alarming
  • Custom scripting: math functions, data export, HTTP operations.
  • A single login can have multiple dashboards to monitor multiple equipment
  • User configurable widgets, logging. No programming experience required
  • Cloud based logging. Data can be downloaded for local analysis and manipulation.



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