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Latching Relay DPCO

Latching Relay DPCO

These DIN rail mount latching relays have 12 to 250 VAC/DC relay coil with maximum switching current of 16 A @250 VAC

A permanent supply is required at all times on terminals A1 & A2, however this is not the controlling factor. The controlling factor is a trigger command from terminal A1 onto terminals Y1, Y2 or Y3.

On an input being made from A1 to Y1 the relay contacts will immediately energise, on a new trigger input from A1 to Y1 the contacts will immediately de-energise. Alternatively a trigger input can be made from A1 to Y2 this just being an energisation command (ON), or A1 to Y3 a de-energisation command (OFF).

A green LED is featured along with a red LED to indicate relay output status.

The command contacts should be isolated from other circuits and must only be connected to the same supply as the coil voltage to the relays.


Supply Voltage:
Coil Voltage:12 to 250 VAC/DC
Max power consumption: 5 VA/ 2.8 W
Insulation: 2.5 KV @50 Hz impulse

Trigger Inputs (Y1, Y2 &Y3):
Max consumption: 5 mA
Min input time: 25 mSec
Max time input: Continuous
A1 to Y1: On /Off (toggle action)
A1 to Y2:On
A1 to Y3: Off

Relay outputs:
Output contacts: 16 A @250 VAC1
Max breaking capacity: 4000 VA
Energisation time: <50 mSec
Reset time: <50 mSec
Mechanical life: 30 Million ops
Electrical life: 200K operations at max rated load

Operating temperature: -20 °C to+ 40 °C
Storage temperature: -20 °C to +60 °C
Max cable size: 2.5 mm
CEmarked: Yes
Manufacturer's P/N: UNI-2LR

Wiring Diagram:



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