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Pump Seal Leak Relay & Thermistor 230VAC Klixon Version

Pump Seal Leak Relay & Thermistor 230VAC Klixon Version

11WRSTCT(KLIXON,2xSPCO) pump seal leak monitor relay / water leak detection relay & thermistor monitoring relay features detection of water contamination of oil, detection of water leaks from pipes in buildings, isolated probe supply and LED indication, Also available Klixon version

The 11 pin plug relay is designed for the monitoring and alarming in applications such as water contamination of the oil within submersible pumps. It works on the conductive probe principle. In a situation healthy condition the output relay is energised, when the presence of water is detected, i.e. in the case of a pump, the seal fails and the oil becomes contaminated the resistance drops. If the resistance falls below the set level output relay will de-energise and the red LED will extinguish. A green LED indicates the connection of the auxiliary supply. Such pumps often have embedded thermistors within the motor winding this relay will also monitor a series circuit of up to 6 thermistors having a total “healthy” resistance not exceeding 1500 Ohms, the output relay will be energised indicated also by a red LED. Should overheating occur the individual resistance of a thermistor will rapidly rise above 3.3 KOhms at which point the normally energised relay/s will de-energise, accompanied by the red LED extinguishing. The relay will re-energise when the circuit resistance drops below 1.8 KOhms. in the event of a short circuit or auxiliary supply loss the unit will de-energise


  • Nominal supply tolerance: ±15%
  • Isolation: Via transformer
  • Probe supply: 12VDC
  • Max probe current: 2mA
  • Power consumption: 3VA
  • Sensitivity range: Adjustable 4.7 to 100 KOhms
  • Response time: 100 mSec on make
  • Operating level: 3.3 KOhms ±5%
  • Reset level: 1.8 KOhms ±10%
  • Max cold resistance of detection circuit: 1500 Ohms
  • Max No. of PTC sensors: 6
  • Sensor voltage: 2.5 VDC max
  • Output contacts: SPCO 10Amps/250V AC1, DPCO 8Amps/250VAC1
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 60 degC
  • Power Supply 230VAC ( 24VAC optional)

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