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ViewPID is our new easy to use Windows PC program that monitors and records the performance of your PID controller (such as our Novus 1100, 1200, 2000 and 3000 controllers) The PC is simply connected to the PID controller with a RS-232 or RS-485 connection. The software then communicates with the Process controller using Modbus Protocol.

By connecting your PC to your PID controller using a RS-232 or RS-485 serial connection, ViewPID software interrogates your controller for the following values using Modbus protocol:

  • Process Variable
  • Setpoint
  • Output
  • Proportional Gain K
  • Integral Gain Ki
  • Differential Gain Kd

Features of ViewPID program:

  • A trend showing the process variable, setpoint and percentage output.
  • Auto or fixed scaling on the trend
  • Able to hold the trend.
  • Able to change the period of polling from 1 to 1000 seconds
  • A display of the setpoint, gain, integral and differential parameters
  • Alter the setpoint, gain, integral and differential parameters from the display
  • Log the the process variable, setpoint and percentage output to a CSV file on your PC
  • Logged file can be opened later in Excel for analysis
  • Display a graph of your logged data.
  • Can select serial port, baud rate, parity etc

ViewPID has presets for the Novus N1020, N1100, N1200, N2000 and N3000 controllers but can be easily configured to work with other controllers by manually specifying the Modbus addresses and factors of the process variables. These can be saved to a configuration file. If you wish us to add support for your controller, please contact us and we will likely be able to add your controller in the next software update.

How to Download and Buy ViewPID:

Download a copy of the unregistered program from this site. The unregistered version of ViewPID has all the features of the registered version except there is a time limit of 10 minutes. After 10 minutes you have to restart the program. This will allow you to trial the program before buying. After purchasing through the website, a serial number will be emailled to you.



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