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MiniPixel Controller with Wireless Control. 12 VDC Powered

MiniPixel Controller with Wireless Control. 12 VDC Powered

The PIX-0042 is a budget price programmable controller suitable for the hobbyist, researcher and professional. We have used this controller in a number of different projects for customers and the reaction has been so good we have decided to release it as a standalone product which any of our customers can use.

Based around the PICAXE18M2 microcontroller, its features include 2 channel wireless control, 3 analog/digital inputs, 2 programmable relay outputs, a 4 position DIP switch and 2 potentiometers. All connections to the I/O are via screw connectors so no soldering or crimping is necessary.

Selection of 0 to 5 VDC, 0 to 10 VDC or 4 to 20 mA inputs is selected by solder links. If you are not comfortable soldering ask us to do it for you.

2 Potentiometers are provided for use as programmable setpoints together with a 4 position DIP switch so the user can select different modes of operation in his program.

The PIX-0042 comes with 2-channel UHF remote control by fitting the board with a 2 Channel UHF Wireless Receiver Module (KTR-157) and a suitable UHF Transmitter (KTT-157). Remote operation can be achieved up to 50 meters. Using rolling code security up to 16 Transmitters can be linked to the one minipixel controller

Free PICAXE software provides a complete programming environment for generating BASIC programs for the PICAXE. Programs can be edited, compiled and downloaded. The software supports both textual based programming (BASIC) and also graphical flowchart based programming depending on the user's preference.




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Built as they are ordered

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