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Rika RK200-03 Pyranometer with 4-20mA Output

Rika  RK200-03 Pyranometer with 4-20mA Output

The RK200-03 Pyranometer is a sensor based on thermopiles designed to measure the broadband of the solar radiation flux density from a 180° field of view angle. The thermopile pyranometer measures 300 to 3200 nm with a largely flat spectral sensitivity. It is based on a thermoelectric principle where sensing elements are made by winding - plated thermopiles with multi contacts. Its surface is coated by black coating with high absorption rate. Hot contacts on the sensors surface, while the cold junction is located within the body,temperature difference between the hot and cold junction generates electromotive force, the thermoelectric effect is proportional to the solar radiation. In order to reduce the ambient temperature effect ,temperature compensation circuit designed here to reduce the effects to products properties.

The RK200-03 Pyranometer has a 4-20mA output with range 0-2000W/m2 and a cable 3000mm long for easy termination


  • Spectral range: 300-3200nm
  • Supply: 12-24VDC Optional 5VDC
  • Range: 0-2000W/m2
  • Output: 4-20mA Optional 0-5V,RS485
  • Response time: ≤35s(99%)
  • Sensitivity: 7-14µV*W-1*m2
  • Internal resistance: 350Ohm
  • Non-linearity: <±2%
  • Measuring angle: 2pi solid angle
  • Stability: ±2%/year
  • Cosine correction: =±7%(Solar elevation angle=10°)
  • Temperature effect: ±2%(-10 ~ +40degC)
  • Operating temperature: -40 to +80degC
  • Weight(unpacked): 2.5kg
  • Enclosure: Aluminum alloy instrument box
  • Dimension: ø165*120mm
  • Ingress Protection: IP65
  • Cable Length:3000mm


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