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Four 12 V Plug-In Relays Card on DIN Rail

Four 12 V Plug-In Relays Card on DIN Rail
These would have to be the most versatile relay cards on the market. Each relay can be operated by TTL levels, NPN and PNP open collector or 0 to 12V(0 to 24V if using 24VDC relays). Each relay has two inputs, marked LO and HI. As the names suggest a low on the LO input will operate the relay. Similarly a high on the HI input will also operate the relay.

Operating Voltage 12VDC (or 24VDC)
Input low voltage (LO) 0 - 0.8V
Input high voltage (HI) 2.4 - 12V (or 24VDC)

We have operated these relays from an old style TTL 7404 Hex Inverter which have less drive capacity than the newer HC and HCT types. The inverter could operate the relay with both a low and a high output signal. But what is more important was that the High voltage dropped from 4V to 3.5V showing the output still had capacity to drive other TTL devices

Fully sealed construction (immersion cleanable).

Relay Specifications
Max voltage: 50 VAC, 30 VDC
Max current: 16A
Max VA (Watts): 1800VA (450W)
Contact material: Silver Selenium Dioxide
Coil resistance: 680Ω
Max coil power: 720mw
Insulation resistance: >100MΩ@ 500V DC
Dielectric strength (for 1 min):
1000V AC between open contacts
5000V AC between coil & contact
Electrical life: 100,000 operations
Mechanical life: 10 million operations
Dimensions: 13W x 29L x 21H mm
A LED shows the state of each relay.
The Relay Cards are available in 12VDC or 24VDC
Four 3.5mm holes in each corner allow easy mounting on a panel

Dimensions of card
2 relay card - 42(L) x 71(W) x 20(H)mm
4 relay card - 86(L) x 71(W) x 20(H)mm
6 relay card - 130(L) x 71(W) x 20(H)mm
8 relay card - 174(L) x 71(W) x 20(H)mm

Download Relay Card Datasheet!


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