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3 Axis Stepper Driver and Breakout Board

3 Axis Stepper Driver and Breakout Board

The Leadshine MX3660 is a high performance 3-axis stepper drive with built-in breakout board and I/Os based on the latest DSP technology. It is specially designed for EASY and RAPID control of up to three 2-phase stepper motors. The MX3660 3-axis stepper drive operates under 20-60 VDC input voltage and can output up to 6.0A current (peak of sinusoidal) per axis. It takes step & direction control and is easy to implement for OEM applications.

By adopting Leadshine advanced stepper motor control technology, the MX3660 3-axis stepper drive can power stepper motors in high precision, at extra smoothness, and with extra low motor heating & noise. It is featured with anti resonance, multi-stepping, vibration suppression, input command smoothing, 50% idle current reduction, etc.

The MX3660 3-axis stepper drive is easy to configure. Via the 6-pin DIP switch of each of the 3 stepper drive modules, a user can easily set the output current and micro step to one of their 8 available settings, 1.45-6.0A and full step - 1/64 respectively. Each axis can have its own current & micro step configurations to satisfy different requirements for the controlled stepper motor. For example, a user can set axis X at 8 micro step & 6.0A for a NEMA 34 motor, axis Y at 10 micro step & 2.72A to drive a NEMA 23 motor, and axis Z at 16 micro step & 1.45A to for a NEMA 17 motor.

The MX3660 3-axis stepper drive is integrated with a breakout board with a DB25 connector and built-in I/Os. This allows convenient, easy and quick connection for controllers (e.g. PC-based control systems, motion controllers, PLCs) and external devices (limit switches, VFD). It simplifies system setup, save installation space & time, minimises wiring, increases reliability, and cuts costs. In addition, the MX3660 offers a built-in digital smoother to allow filtering/smoothing of noise pulses for better system performance (application dependant).

The MX3660 adopts a modular design. If any of the three stepper drive modules malfunctions, a user can simply replace it with a Leadshine SDM660 stepper drive module at minimal cost.


  • Power up to 3 stepper motors of NEMA 17, 23, 24, or 34
  • Sophisticated stepper motor control based on the latest DSP technology
  • Built-in breakout board and I/Os
  • Step & direction Control
  • 200 kHz maximum frequency for each axis
  • 20 - 60 VDC supply voltage
  • 1.45 - 6.0A output current per axis
  • 8 micro step settings: 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64
  • 8 output current settings: 1.45, 2.08, 2.72, 3.37, 4.05, 4.72, 5.35, 6.0 A
  • Damping and anti resonance
  • Allowing individual output current & micro step settings for each axis
  • Input pulse smoothing for less jittering, higher torque, and quicker response
  • Extra low motor heating & noise
  • Extra smooth motor movement
  • Simple micro step & output current configuration via DIP switches
  • Fault output
  • Compact size and easy setup
  • 50% automatic idle current reduction


Hardware Manual
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