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CS-D508 Closed Loop Stepper Drive 50V, 8A

CS-D508 Closed Loop Stepper Drive 50V, 8A

Leadshine CS-D508 is a closed loop stepper drive, when it is implemented along with a compatible 2-phase stepper motor in frame size NEMA 17, 23, or 24 with 1000-line incremental encoder. It can close the position loop between the motor and drive and therefore eliminate the loss of step problem in an open loop system. The CS-D508 implements advanced control algorithm based on Leadshine's tens of years’ experience in stepper and servo controls. It is ideal for upgrading open loop stepper systems, or replacing servo systems in some low to middle speed applications.

Compared with an open loop stepper system, a CS-D508 adopted closed loop stepper system can eliminate loss of step, make real-time position error correction, and use 100% available torque of the driven stepper motor. It can also power the driven stepper motor with reduced heating, lower noise, low vibration, …

When compared with a servo system, a CS-D508 adopted closed loop stepper system can have much higher low-to-middle-speed torque. such a control system also has the advantages of no tuning, no hunting, no overshooting, and much lower cost.


The main advantages over traditional servo and open loop stepper systems are:

  • Step & direction or CW/CCW control modes
  • Supply voltage of 20-50 VDC, maximum output current of 8.0A
  • Powering 2-phase stepper motor of NEMA 23, 24, or 34 with 1000-line encoder
  • Closed-loop, eliminates loss of steps
  • No Tuning
  • No hunting
  • No overshooting
  • No torque margin
  • Reduced motor heating and more efficient
  • Smooth motion and super-low motor noise
  • CE certified and RoHS compliant

That closed stepper system can be used to upgrade open loop stepper systems or replace some servo systems, especially in many small to median speed applications such as CNC routers, CNC mills, CNC laser cutters, CNC plasmas, lab automation instruments, plotters, medical equipment, electronic equipment, small packaging machines, etc.

Parameter tuning tools, including ProTuner (Windows based setup software) can meet different tuning environments or requirements. The LSK-001 programming cable and Protuner Software is required to tune the drive. Please note a USB to RS232 converter using a FTDI chipset is recommended such as ZTC-001



Supply voltage:243648VDC
Output current:0.5-8.0A
Pulse input frequency:0 200kHz
Logic signal current:71016mA
Isolation resistance:500  
Operating Temperature:0 50ºC
Dimensions:116 × 69 × 27mm

Programming Cable:

The drive can be tuned with the ProTuner software and an RJ-12 to DE-9 serial cable.


To connect this driver to a matching Easy Servo motor, you'll also want power and encoder extension cables.

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