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DMC5400 4 Axis Stepper/Servo Motion Control Card

DMC5400 4 Axis Stepper/Servo Motion Control Card

The DMC5400 is an advanced 4-axis motion control card for stepping and digital servo control applications, offering better linear and circular interpolation capability and continuous contouring performance for advanced pulse output motion control solutions.

We are selling this with hardware for control of 3 axes.

Comes with:

  • DMC5400 Motion Controller
  • TB68 Terminal Board
  • CABLE68-2.0 Cable for Terminal Board


  • SMC-202 TB50, EB50 and CABLE50-2.0 Hardware for 4th Axis Control
  • SMC-203 PC68 DIN Rail Mounting for TB68


  • 32-bit PCI bus, Rev. 2.2, 33 MHz
  • Pulse output r rate up to 5 MHz
  • 6 Pulse/dir output modes: Pulse/DIR, CW/CCW etc
  • 2 to 4 axes linear interpolation
  • 2 axes circular interpolation
  • Multi-axis continuous interpolation
  • Position/speed change on-the-fly
  • 13 home return modes and auto home search
  • 4 axes incremental encoders input with 28-bit up/down counter
  • Hardware position compare and trigger with auto-loading FIFO
  • High speed position latch function
  • 32 General-Purposed I/O
  • Manual pulser input interface
  • Programmable acceleration and deceleration time
  • Trapezoidal and S-curve velocity profiles
  • Multi-axis, simultaneous start/stop
  • Programmable interrupt sources
  • Supports up to 5 cards in one system (20 axes)
  • Hardware backlash compensator
  • Software limit function
  • Easy interface to any stepping and digital servo

Velocity or Position Override:

The DMC5400 provides powerful position or speed changing function while axis is moving. After motion begins, target of speed or position can be changed on the fly at the user's discretion.

Linear & Circular Interpolation:

In multi-axis operation, the DMC5400 provides linear interpolation by any 2, any 3, or even all-4 axes. And any 2 axes can perform circular interpolation.

Continuous Contouring:

The pre-register architecture of DMC5400 offers the feature to build the continuous interpolation function. The 2nd motion may follow previous motion instantly without latency. Thus perfect velocity continuity can be established.

Position Latch:

The latch function is to capture the instant counter value of one or more axis when the latch signal activates. The LTC channel is used to receive the latch pulse. The latch function is implemented with hardware at very high speed.

13 Home Return Modes:

To fit into various mechanical design and operating restrictions, the DMC5400 provides 13 home moving modes for users to choose as their best convenience.

Simultaneous Start/Stop:

By using software program or external input signal, the DMC5400 can perform simultaneously start/stop function on multi-axis in one card or multi-axis in multi-card. Also, the simultaneous stop function is selectable to be active when some axes are abnormally stopped.

Software Available:

Windows Platform Driver and DLL support for Windows XP/2K/NT/98. VB/VC++/BCB are the recommended programming tools.

MOTION5400 assists the motion system developer in testing motion functions, and overcome the difficulty of system configuration before programming.



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