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ACS806 Brushless Servo Motor Drive

ACS806 Brushless Servo Motor Drive

Leadshine's fully digital AC servo drive ACS806 is a brushless servo motor drive designed to be a drop-in replacement for stepper drives. It's a match to our MOT-455 400 W brushless servo motor.

The drive uses an 32-bit DSP with an advanced control algorithm. The input signals are industry-standard pulse and direction signals, allowing the drive to be used in existing stepper or servo systems without require a change of controller. The ACS806 offers high precision, high speed and high reliability performance, and is widely used in CNC machines, industrial robotics, inkjet printers and engraving machines. A built-in controller can be used for testing and tuning.

PC based and handheld configuration & tuning tools can meet different tuning environments or requirements. Use the LSK-001 cable with the Protuner software (download link below) to tune the drive.


  • Wide input voltage range (18 to 80 VDC)
  • Standard PUL/DIR and CW/CCW control signals
  • Electronic gear rate from 1/255 to 255
  • Opto-isolated inputs support single-ended and differential signals
  • Suits 50 to 400 W brushless motors with quadrature encoders
  • 18 A Peak Current, 6 A Continuous Current
  • Internal brake resistor chopper
  • FOC-SVPWM technologies
  • PC based and handheld configuration tools
  • Self-test function with trapezoidal velocity profile
  • Encoder power output
  • Following error lock range adjustable
  • Over-voltage, over-current, encoder failure protections
  • 10 latest failures self-record function
  • Small size, surface-mount technology


Peak output current18 A
Continuous output current6 A
Supply voltage18 to 80 VDC
Logic signal current7 to 16 mA
Pulse input frequency0 to 600 kHz
Isolation resistance500 MΩ
Maximum current provided to encoder100 mA

The driver comes with a multicore lead and a DA-26 connector to suit the Digital & Analog I/O port. The cable provides the signals listed below



Tuning parameters will depend on the motor used and the system the motor is installed in, but a table of good starting values when using the MOT-455 is shown below. The current loop tuning requires a password. The default password is "654321".

Current loop:
Position loop:
Encoder Lines:10000
CAM Numerator:1
CAM Denominator:1
Position Following Error Limit:4000

Brake Resistor:

In almost all cases a brake resistor isn't required. In cases where the motor is turning a large rotational inertia and requires rapid deceleration, the regenerated power may raise the voltage enough to trip the driver into over voltage protection. A brake resistor can be attached to the drive to dissipate the excess energy. The ACS806 contains internal chopper circuitry that activates the brake resistor only when required. A typical brake resistor would be 75 Ω, 200 W.



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