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Dual Axis ±10° Tilt Switch

Dual Axis ±10° Tilt Switch

The SCA132 dual axes tilt switch uses the latest MEMS technology to sense the angle of the device. The sensor mounts flat and provides two orthogonal outputs for X and Y tilt from -9.5º to +9.5º.

The switch action points and trigger delay time can be output and set through the RS-232 serial communication port. It has ZERO setting function and response frequency adjustment function is as well as configurable baudrate.


  • Dual axis with 4 directions tilt serial inclinometer
  • RS-232 output
  • 9 to 36 V DC supply
  • -10 to 10 º range
  • 2 × PNP outputs with configurable trip points
  • Full metal jacket, IP67 protection
  • Wide operating temperature -40 to 85 °C
  • Comes with 1 m lead cable
  • Small size: 91 × 40 × 26 mm


  • Rail-mobile monitoring
  • Radar detection of vehicle platform
  • Satellite communications vehicle posture detection
  • Shield pipe jacking application
  • Oil-well drilling equipment
  • Gun Barrel angle measurement in early shooting

Wire Colour Correspondence Table:

Wire Colour Connection
Red9 to 36 VDC (Positive of Power Supply)
BlackGND (Negative of Power Supply) & Set Zero A
GreenSet Zero B
YellowXY Alarm Output



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