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Digital Spirit Level 100cm

Digital Spirit Level 100cm

The DMI500 Digital spirit level allows you to measure angles, slopes, level and plumb quickly and accurately.

The DMI500 features both liquid bubble vials and a digital inclinometer built into a 1000 mm spirit level rail. For quick references use the sensitive liquid bubble vials. For more precise work use the digital display to provide readings with an accuracy of 0.1deg.

It also features a laser beam in the end to assist with alignment.

Features Include:

  • Measuring range 0 to 360degrees
  • 1000 mm length
  • Accuracy: 0.1<60degree
  • Easy to read LCD with backlighting for dark areas.
  • Readings in LCD automatically rotate when level is held upside down.
  • Fast angle data response
  • switch between angle and pitch
  • temperature range: -15- +50(degrees celsius)
  • audio prompt at 0 and 90 degrees
  • record keeping function
  • five minutes power off automatically
  • low voltage alarm
  • lightweight Aluminium construction
  • Dimensions:W60*H22*L1000mm

Suitable for use in

  • Housing and building construction
  • Subway construction
  • Road incline
  • Mechanical installation
  • Pipeline installation


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