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LLR-BAC Space Occupancy and Light Level Sensor with BACnet Communications

LLR-BAC Space Occupancy and Light Level Sensor with BACnet Communications

LLR-BAC sensors have been designed to measure Light Level (LUX) in the room spaces. The LLR sensors also monitor for occupancy via infra-red detection.. The BACnet Light and Occupancy sensors have linear 0..10V signals outputs relating to light level and optional temperature. The units also have two digital inputs, a resistive input and two digital outputs that can be used to control and integrate other devices in the room space.

The LLR-BAC BACnet light and occupancy sensors have built-in BACnet MS/TP us communication that allow BACnet Clients such as building management or home automation systems to measure the light levels and check the room space occupancy.

LLR-BAC BACnet Light Level and Occupancy sensors can be installed on wall surface or on a wall mounting box in dry indoor environment. The LLR-BAC BACnet light sensors come with a number of options such as display, push buttons and temperature measurement.

The LLR-BAC BACnet light sensors can also operate as light level and temperature controllers modulating analogue outputs of the sensor. These features allow combining measurement and accurate control of the room space.


  • Light level measurement 0..3000Lux over the BACnet MS/TP
  • Occupancy Detection via 21mm Fresnel Lens
  • BACnet MS/TP Communication
  • BACnet Device Address Selection via the Bit Switch
  • BACnet Device Discovery Supported - Easy Integration to the BACnet Clients
  • Attractive Wall Mounted Room Enclosure (for UK/European/US mounting)
  • Large Range of Options to Suit Any Applications
  • Built-In Controller Functionality for Light Control and Temperature
  • Can act as a Modbus Network IO-Module as well as Modbus Light and Occupancy (PIR) Sensor


  • Power supply 24Vac/dc -10%/+15%, max 1VA
  • Analogue Outputs: 3 x 0..10Vdc < 5mA; 100k min impedance for 1% accuracy
  • Digital Outputs: 2 x 24Vac Triacs; 2A maximum; requires 24Vac Power Supply
  • Light Level and Occupancy:
    • Range: 0..3,000 Lux
    • Occupancy: Infrared Detection (Adjustable Delay)
  • Temperature (TE Option):
    • Range 0..50°C (32..122°F)
    • Accuracy ±0.3°C
  • Dimensions: W86 x H120 x D29mm



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