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Ocean Controls June 2012 Catalog TxIsoloop-1 Single Loop Isolator Bipolar Gearbox Stepper Motor FL86STH118-6004B-NG10
$2.00 AUD ex. GST $129.00 AUD ex. GST $459.00 AUD ex. GST
Temp-WM Temperature Sensors 4-20mA output TxIsoloop-2 Dual Loop Isolator Modbus TCP 12 × Digital In, 6 × OC Digital Output Module
$135.00 AUD ex. GST $219.00 AUD ex. GST $209.00 AUD ex. GST
Modbus TCP Weather Station Gateway M18 Proximity Sensor Inductive IPS-18POC5B PNP GPS Modbus Gateway
$225.00 AUD ex. GST $27.50 AUD ex. GST
$295.00 AUD ex. GST
Fully Isolated RS-232 to RS-422/RS-485 Converter and RS-422/RS-485 Repeater Bipolar Stepper Motor FL60STH86-2008B Digit-TLH
$139.00 AUD ex. GST $69.00 AUD ex. GST
$86.00 AUD ex. GST
USB-i485 Isolated USB to RS-422/RS-485 Converter LabJack U3-HV USB Data Acquisition Module WeatherLink for Vantage Pro Serial
$129.00 AUD ex. GST $159.00 AUD ex. GST $180.00 AUD ex. GST
Isolated Load Cell 3mv/V 0-10V Transmitter Variable Speed Drive 240 VAC, 2.2 kW Single Phase Input EHG2308 Unmanaged 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
$129.00 AUD ex. GST $449.00 AUD ex. GST $269.00 AUD ex. GST
Hydreon RG-11 Optical Rain Sensor 500 Line Rotary Encoder IBEST ISC3004-701E500B-5-24C M542 Current Chopping Stepper Motor Drive
$79.95 AUD ex. GST $135.00 AUD ex. GST $74.95 AUD ex. GST