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Extra Extra Extra!! New supplier on-board

We are proud to announce...*drum roll please*... that we've recently became Oceania distributor! Let's take a brief look at some of the awesome industrial goodies we have imported.

Slim Multi-Function Timer SPCO: NTR-101

Slim line, DIN rail mount, multi-function timer features large double deck terminals suitable for up to 4 mm2 cable. This timer has a power supply requirement range of 12 to 240 VAC/VDC. It also offers multiple time range from 0.1 sec to 100 hours. Its SPCO relay output is rated to 8 A @250 VAC. There are dual LED indicators, green and yellow LED to indicate relay output status, as well as the timing.

DPCO Latching Relay: NTR-006

These DIN rail mount latching relays have 12 to 250 VAC/DC relay coil with maximum switching current of 16 A @250 VAC. A green LED is featured along with a red LED to indicate relay output status.

Engine Start Attempt & Alarm Relay: NTR-150

An 11 pin plug in engine start attempt relay for use in starting combustion engines connected to generators. When the auxiliary supply (9 to 30 VDC) is first applied the “Start” relay energises immediately for the “Start” time. After expiration of the “Start” time the relay de-energises for the “Recovery” time. The start time is set by the top potentiometer between 3 to 30 secs and the recovery time by the bottom potentiometer between 6 to 60 secs. The “Alarm” relay will energise after the last start attempt thus an “engine fail to start alarm”, this status will remain until the auxiliary supply is removed.

10 Input Relay Alarm Module: NTR-180

Often in the design of a control system the requirement to provide a “common” alarm signal to drive an audible alarm or signal a BMS system is required. The YWA10 features 10 inputs and 2 separate relay outputs. Output terminal "A" relay has NO contact type, which closes on alarm and opens when reset. Output terminal "B" has NO contact type which closes on alarm.

In Line Current Monitoring Switch: NTR-060

Often in air conditioning and housing for hens, cattle and other livestock it is critical to know fans are working. In situations such as these the MOD-I from Nortonics can be used to monitor the AC current in a fan or motor and activate an alarm relay when it rises/falls about a set level. This switch features selectable measuring range from 0.1 to 10 A via an on-board potentiometer. Its SPCO relay output is rated to 16 A @250 VAC.

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