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Advantech IO Modules

At Ocean Controls, we had a look around and noticed that our Modbus IO modules section was looking a little sparse. We've got a few modules from Novus, and modules we've designed like the KTB-224 and KTB-226. We had a larger range of modules from Xinje but have since put them on clearance as we don't intend to place orders with them in the future. It was time to expand the range and after some research and some paperwork, we've become an Advantech System Integrator.

Modbus is an industrial control protocol that strikes a really nice balance between robustness, easy of use and implementation complexity. The communications protocol documentation is free for anyone to read and anyone can make a Modbus master or slave device. This means that there are lots of devices from lots of manufacturers that all work together.

We had a look around and tried a few modules from a couple of manufacturers out. We eventually settled on Advantech, a company with a long history and reputation for solid, high performance products.

We've added to our range about 20 of what we think will be the most popular IO modules in the ADAM-4000 and ADAM-6000 series.

ADAM 4000 Series

  • ADA-4015 6 × RTD Input Module
  • ADA-4017 8 × Analog Input Module
  • ADA-4019 8 × Universal Analog Input Module
  • ADA-4051 16 × Isolated Digital Input Module
  • ADA-4055 8 × Isolated Digital In, 8 × OC Digital Output Module
  • ADA-4060 8 × Relay Output Module (ASCII only)
  • ADA-4068 8 × Relay Output Module
  • ADA-4080 2 × Counter/Frequency In, 2 × Digital Out Module (ASCII only)

The ADAM-4000 series are RS-485 slave modules. Most of them can be configured to speak either a simple ASCII protocol or Modbus RTU.

ADAM 6000 Series

  • ADA-6015 7 × RTD Input Module
  • ADA-6017 8 × Analog In, 2 × OC Digital Output Module
  • ADA-6018 8 × Thermocouple Input, 8 × OC Digital Output Module
  • ADA-6050 12 × Digital In, 6 × OC Digital Output Module
  • ADA-6051 12 × In, 6 × OC Output, 2 × Counter Module
  • ADA-6052 8 × Isolated Digital In, 8 × Sourcing Digital Out Module
  • ADA-6060 6 × Digital Input, 6 × Relay Output Module
  • ADA-6066 6 × Digital Input, 6 × Power Relay Output Module

The ADAM-6000 series has three communication channels: Modbus TCP, a UDP streaming interface and a customisable web interface. Modbus TCP is an industry standard. With UDP/IP, ADAM-6000 I/O modules can actively send I/O data stream to 8 Ethernet nodes. The web interface uses a customisable Java applet to display realtime measurements and allow control of outputs.

The ADAM-4000 and ADAM-6000 modules are all configured using the ADAM.NET Configuration Utility V 2.05.03 for Windows.

Advantech's Range

Advantech carries a huge range of products. There are more ADAM IO modules than we've added to our catalogue (we've picked a range that we expect will cover most bases and will never be long out of stock.) In addition to other RS-485 and Ethernet IO modules, Advantech has ranges of:

  • HMIs and PLCs
  • Touch panel and small form factor PCs
  • Industrial Ethernet and WiFi units
  • High speed data acquisition cards (ISA, PCI, PCIe)
  • Building automation and energy monitoring units

Ocean Controls offers custom design and system integration services. Projects range from slightly modifying one of our products to suit a particular customer need, to full design, installation and programming of site automation systems. The Advantech gear greatly expands the range of automation and control projects we have gear on hand for.

If there's something in the Advantech range you're after, or something you see on our website that doesn't quite match your needs drop us a line. Most of the time it's one of our engineers that picks up the phone. We're more than happy to find options that we don't normally have stocked or come up with a custom solution for you.

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