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Android Controlled Relays

In the past we've had a tutorial for controlling our KTA-223 USB relay controller over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but what if you don't need it to be wireless and you just want to have it directly connected to your Android Device?

Steve Maxwell from Myla Technologies has gone to a fair bit of effort developing an Android application to communicate with the KTA-223 and an application to communicate with the KTA-225 is under way.

Steve has been developing this as part of his Kickstarter Campaign which uses our KTA-223 inside a nice sturdy enclosure with power supply (US 110V input) and Wago terminals.

To use the app, download it to your USB-OTG compatible Android Device from the Play Store. You will also need a USB-OTG Cable as well as a regular USB Cable.
Once you have the Android app installed and the KTA-223 plugged in and powered up the Android device should recognise the KTA-223 and ask if you would like to launch the app.
Once in the app you need to go to menu and select "Start", this starts communications with the KTA-223. Once this is done you can turn Relays On and Off and monitor the state of the Analog Inputs and Opto-Isolated Inputs.

Steve is continuously working on improving this app, in an upcoming release you will be able to rename the Relay outputs to match whatever you have them connected to, like your Christmas Lights or Sprinkler System and he is also working on making the Analog Inputs scalable to whatever range suits you.

Our KTA-323 mini PLC uses the same protocol and is also compatible with this app.

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