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Heatshrink Blow-out and Atop Application Notes

Ocean Controls is back open after the Christmas and New Year's break. I hope your season was filled with joy, family and festivities.

There's no escaping to a quiet week at work for us, though. It looks like we've got a bit of a backlog of orders to get through. Orders are processed in the order we received them. That said, shipments for new orders shouldn't be delayed by more than a day or two, and we'll be back up to our usual speed by next week. Normally if goods are in stock and we receive your order before about midday we can get the order out that day.

Heatshrink Blow-out


The keen-eyed may have noticed we've put all out heat shrink on sale. We're clearing out our shelves (the stacks take up quite a bit of room we could be using for other products) and the prices have been slashed dramatically.

The heatshrink shrinks to approximately half its original diameter when heated to 125 °C. It comes in the standard colours: black, red, green, blue, white, yellow and clear. It's great for insulating connections, tagging cables in colours, bundling cables together, covering sharp or rough surfaces and to prevent rubbing and movement.

Stock up while we've got it! The prices for the complete rolls in particular are really cheap.

Atop Application Notes

We've republished a couple of Atop's applications notes / success stories. These are:

  • Wireless performance data, showing how the wireless gateways work with their internal antenna, or an external, higher gain antenna (like our WIR-005)
  • A Warehouse Automation application, where wireless serial gateways are used to keep stock robots in communication with the central warehouse control system
  • A Stadium Lighting application, where wireless and wired serial to Ethernet converters are used to enable communication between lighting and the central lighting controller.

Some of these notes refer to the SW5001 wireless serial server. We've got these on clearance (25% discount!) at the moment, as they've been superseded by the SW5501. The main difference between the units is the older one is 802.11 a/b/g and the newer unit is 802.11 a/b/g/n with dual antennae for diversity.

Custom Development

At Ocean Controls, we're happy to consider custom engineering design and assembly work for customers. This can be custom firmware for one of our products, PLC programming or custom hardware design and production. We've produced products from single prototypes to runs of tens of thousands of units.

January is traditionally a quiet time for orders, so it's a great time to ask us about projects you may have on the boil. The best way to start is to send a description of what you're after to us by email and we'll respond with further questions or an obligation-free quote.