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No Strings Attached...Wireless Is The New Playground

NOVUS has ensured itself a solid foot in the wireless cloud with a release of M2M (Machine-to-Machine) NOVUS portal service. M2M NOVUS portal service provide data storage in the cloud (technology evolution has now add a whole new meaning to the saying "up in the cloud").

Incorporating cloud computing portal, which is launched in a webserver, that can be accessed on any platform that is connected to the internet. This makes it unnecessary to install a computer/laptop to run applications as everything is done on remote servers, reducing the cost of installation. Everything really is just so much lighter up in the air...

One of the products, to look at testing out this new service of NOVUS' is none other than the AirGate-GPRS. This device offers an ability to integrate any Modbus RTU network equipment in the cloud, as well as access to SuperView networks with serial Modbus commincations by multiple masters, scanning registers of a local network and searching for the occurrence of alarm conditions. Up to 10 remote channels can be set up which enables the AirGate-GPRS to read and monitor Modbus register slaves and sending notification of alarms via SMS.

The AirGate-GPRS has 4 operation modes; Modbus Master, Multiplexer, USB to RS-485 converter & simple wireless RS-485 extention, as pictured below.

Figure 1.0: Remote Monitoring Without Local Monitoring

Figure 1.1: Remote Monitoring With Local Monitoring

Figure 1.2: Remote Monitoring With Double Local Monitoring

Figure 1.3: Remote Monitoring With SMS Only

Another wireless member worth noting is the RHT-Air. It is most powerful when coupled with its "wireless brother" - AirGate. Together, these two can provide an excellent solution for wireless monitoring of temperature & relative humidity variables. The combination of these two, enables the ease of configuration and data acquisition operation of the RHT-RS-485-LCD, which connects directly to a Modbus RTU RS-485 bus, as well as the versatility of the wire-free installation of the LogBox-RHT. Through the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless interface, multiple RHT-Airs can "talk" to one or more AirGates, via the USB & RS-485 interfaces.

Application Topology includes:

Figure1.0: Star Topology (up to 246 Modbus Slaves)

Figure1.1: Long Range Application

Firmware & Configuration Updates

In addition to the cloud computing portal, NOVUS has also released an update firmware & configuration utility for one of their most popular products, the FieldLogger . Guide your FieldLogger (new/old) to the cloud by updating the firmware & configuration softwares.

Major new features are:

  • FieldLogger can now connect to a server in the cloud, allowing access to its data from anywhere at any time
  • When downloading data via FTP (FieldLogger as a client), there is an option for receiving the file directly in the CSV format. Besides that, this kind of download allows data to be deleted after the download process is done (valid only when logging in an SD card)
  • Password protection can be activated to access configuration parameter and logged data.
  • Capability of remote channels decimal places assignment, not needing the creation of virtual channels for dividing by “10” (or “100”, or “1000”) anymore
  • New data export formats and more configuration options for the exports are available. A few bugs and limitations were corrected, like (example) the incapability of exporting a XLS file with more than 65535 rows
  • There are better criteria to show the “Force loggings restart” check box, at the moment of sending the configuration to the equipment. Default option now is “checked” (forcing the restart of the loggings).
  • Virtual channels have two more operations: processing two remote channels (16-bit) into a floating number (32-bit) or into an integer (also 32-bit), but swapping the “high” and “low” bytes of the original registers. This can turn the readings compatible to some equipment that work with a byte order (endianness) different from the one expected by FieldLogger.

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