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Example: Weather Station Gateway and SMS Controller

After much success and popularity with the KTA-282 Modbus TCP Weather Station Gateway, we are pleased to announce that we have released a new and improved revision to the product.

If you are not already familiar with the KTA-282, it allows any one of our weather stations to be connected to a programmable controller (PLC, RTU, SCADA, etc) via the Modbus RTU (on RS-485) or Modbus TCP/IP (on Ethernet) protocols. Furthermore, it provides the ability to easily monitor the weather station and carry out actions based on weather data. For more information and a complete description of features, please visit the KTA-282 product page.

One of the more significant changes adopted with the new version is the inclusion of two open collector outputs. After some development and feedback from customers, we have included these outputs to allow the user flexibility to program alarms and/or other conditional events based on variables received from the weather station.

Things You'll Need:

*Note* You are not limited to this specific hardware. Variations of this kit are available to allow you to choose hardware that best suits your needs. Please visit the Vantage Pro2 Modbus Weather Station Kit page for more information.

*Note* We have several other GSM Controllers available. Choose one that will be suitable for your needs.

Hardware Setup:

Connect hardware up as follows:

*Note* The LED's setup up in this configuration will light up when inactive and turn off when the output is active.

Software Setup:

KTA-282 Modbus TCP Weather Station Gateway

MODBUS holding registers will have to be set as follows. Please see the KTA-282 User Manual for more detail on how to do this.

- Open Collector 1 Setup

  1. Holding Register 117 - 7 (Outside Temperature Register)
  2. Holding Register 118 - 25 (Temperature Set-Point, provided units are set to 'C')
  3. Holding Register 119 - 1 (Output active above Set-Point)

This will set up the Open Collector 1 Output to go active when the Outside Temperature reaches ABOVE 24 degrees Celcius.

- Open Collector 2 Setup

  1. Holding Register 120 - 19 (Outside Humidity Register)
  2. Holding Register 121 - 70 (Humidity Set-Point)
  3. Holding Register 122 - 1 (Output active above Set-Point)

This will set up the Open Collector 2 Output to go active when the Outside Humidity reaches ABOVE 70%.

LEC-010 GSM Controller

Refer to the LEC-010 User Manualto properly configure the unit. In general, we will need to:

  1. Insert a SIM Card and run through system setup, see 8
  2. Configure the Alarm Input level and Alert Setup, see 11.8
  3. Setup the SMS Alarm Message, see 11.9

Upon either of the two OC1 & OC2 conditional events becoming active, the KTA-282 will communicate directly with the GSM Controller and trigger an alarm as configured by the user. The GSM controller will then alert any authorised numbers with a pre-configured SMS message.

It is easy to see the added benefit of these Open Collector Outputs on the KTA-282. It allows the user much more functionality right out of the box and the flexibility of controlling and communicating with external hardware.

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