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LED Lighting & Transformers

The phase-out of Incandescent bulbs in Australia and abroad has seen a huge growth in more efficient lighting solutions. LED lighting, in particular, continues to gain popularity in all manner of applications:



Safety Lighting:

Warning Lights:

Strip and Cabinet Lighting:

Meanwell HLG Series

Growth in LED lighting has seen comparitive advances in the transformers and power supplies used to power these new technologies. The Meanwell HLG Series is an extremely rugged supply well suited to driving LED lighting. They are IP67 rated (dustproof and waterproof), and can operate continiously in either constant voltage, or constant current mode (for driving LED's).

PSA Series Lighting Transformers

Recently released, the PSA series electronic lighting transformers offer extremely good value in an easy to install and use package. They are compatible with normal lead and trailing edge dimmers, have screw terminals for input and output, and are packaged in a slim enclosure to fit through ceiling holes.

60 Watt: PSA-001 $11.95

105 Watt: PSA-005 $15.95

We are also releasing a downlight kit. This is everything you need to retrofit efficient lighting in any application; globe, transformer, ceiling mount, and cabling: PSA-010 $16.95

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