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4-20mA Loop Current Simulator/ Generator

Based on one of our best selling products in the last year, the KTA-266 we are happy to introduce an improved version of it: the KTA-366.

Thinking of our customers and their needs, Ocean Controls came along with this new 4 to 20mA loop current simulator/generator. What is new about this product is, it is now suitable for 3 wire transducers. It has 2 operating modes:

Simulate: Suitable for 2 wire transducer. This mode uses an existing power supply or excitation connection on the PLC/DAQ.

Generate: In this mode the KTA-366 is more like a 3 wire transducer or signal conditioner. This mode requires power to be fed to its DC power jack in order to generate its own 4 to 20mA power signal that can drive the input on a PLC/DAQ.

There are two options available for this new product, the KTA-366 comes with a Backlit LED Display while the KTB-366 comes with a Battery LCD Display. Both displays are scalable to engineering units, displaying 4 to 20 mA or a range from 0 to 100%.